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Difficult to leave your villa in Corsica in the pretty cove of Tarco with the crystalline waters of its fine sand beach.
Yet, if the holidays in Corsica are ideal, Corsica is not just that. If, from your home here in Tarco, the nearby mountain makes you want to get away, it’s not just the mountains either. Leave for a few hours or for the day to discover a little more of Corsica knowing that you will find in the evening the comfort and the calm of Stella di Mare.






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  • Tarco
    Tarco is a very beautiful small seaside resort particularly pleasant, located on the coastline of CONCA, south entrance of the mythical GR20. | The beach of Tarco in the locality of Tarcu offers a stretch of white sand of about 300 meters. Easily accessible from the national road (it is visible from the road), there are several shops (restaurants, pizzeria, bars, grocery (press, beach items, fresh food and bread / croissants) .The northern part of the beach is the most pleasant (a stream flowing south) Correct attendance even in summer.
  • Bonifacio
    All travelers who have stayed in Bonifacio have kept an unforgettable memory. | Like Charles Quint or Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer Antoine Pasquin, said Valery, was subjugated by the site of Bonifacio. | Describing the city as a "picturesque capital", it sums up in two well-chosen words, the thrills and the extreme memory that will offer you the "city of cliffs".
  • Porto-Vecchio
    Located in southern Corsica, Porto-Vecchio enjoys a strategic position between sea and mountains which makes it a region to discover or rediscover, a welcoming city of Southern Corsica where life is good.
  • Solenzara
    With a population of 1200, the municipality of Sari-Solenzara covers an area of 74 km² and is formed by small valleys surrounded by hills and small mountains. | The coastline was named in the 70's "Côte des Nacres", “Mother-of-Pearl Coast”, after the name of the large triangular shaped shell. Solenzara, a village dating from the 19th century bears the name of the nearby river.


  • Plateau du Cuscionu
    For the hiker accustomed to the paths of great hike, what a treat to tread this environment so green and almost fairy, like out of a fairy tale. | The plateau is located at an altitude of 1400 meters and Mount Incudine culminates at 2134 meters, where we find the remains of an old observatory.
  • Trou de la bombe
    The hole of the Bomb or "Tafonu di Cumpuleddu" is one of the curiosities of the Bavella massif. This hike will take you through a beautiful pine forest.
  • Les Musées de Levie et de la résistance
    In the village of Levie you can visit the Museum of Alta Rocca which is very famous. | A focal point of the local French resistance, the microregion also hosts a museum of the Resistance in Zonza, which bears witness to the history of the 1939-1945 war.
  • Aiguilles de Bavella
    The “Aiguilles de Bavella” (I Forchi di Bavedda in Corsica) dominate the pass of the same name to 1 218 m, connecting the Alta Rocca to the east coast of Corsica. The massif is lower and yet much more crowded than that of the “Aiguilles of Popolasca”. The site is characterized by jagged peaks, large rock walls and wind-twisted pines.
  • Notre Dame des Neiges
    Each year on the 5th of August, Our Lady of the Snow, patron saint of Bavella, sees hundreds of pilgrims walking up to her in a magnificent setting facing the “Aiguilles de Bavella.”
  • Cucuruzzu
    Cucuruzzu, a prehistoric site discovered in 1963 and dating from the Bronze Age, believed to have been abandoned in the late third century BC. Integrates the natural elements that are the large blocks of granite rock to the stacks of stone constituting the walls made by men.


  • Canyoning à La Vacca
    The Vacca is a day canyon located in the Bavella Massif at the foot of the Ferriates chain. Very playful and aquatic, it is certainly the most visual canyon in Corsica.
  • Canyoning à la Purcaraccia
    The Purcaraccia offers great slides, pretty waterfalls and jumps. Ideal for a day with your family.
  • Canyoning au Pulischellu
    The Pulischellu Canyon is located in the “Aiguilles de Bavella”. A canyon with natural aqualand and many jumps and slides for canyoning.
  • Canyoning à Piscia di Gallo
    Half-day canyon located in the Ospedale massif. | If you think you are afraid of nothing, this canyon is for you. | A flow of 800l / s and a final recall of 70m vertical are the strong points of this magnificent canyon with extreme narrowness and an exit in the middle of a face of great vertical 100m high.
  • Randonnée Mare a Mare Sud
    This is one of the smaller Mare a Mare hikes as it takes only 5 days to connect Porto-Vecchio to Propriano. The route can be practically done all year long. There is usually 5 hours of walking a day, but there is so much to see on the way that you will probably take longer.
  • Randonnée Mare e Monti
    The "Mare e Monti" path, rather sporty, is passable all year long. Without significant difficulties, note however that in summer its course becomes extremely tedious because of the heat. | For ten days, we will be able to live fully privileged and intense moments, especially in spring and autumn.


  • Baie de Rondinara
    Elected several times more beautiful beach of France or Europe, Rondinara beach does not disappoint anyone: fine sand, turquoise waters, gentle slope, all sublimated by a case of maquis preserved and adorned with reddish rock.
  • Plage de Palombaggia
    The beach of Palombaggia is a real paradise with turquoise water bordered by dunes shaded by beautiful pines. The road to Palombaggia beach is very pretty. We advise you to go there rather out of season, because the summer, the crowd contributes to seriously spoil the pleasure of being in such an enchanting place.
  • Baie de Santa Giulia
    Located 7 km south of Porto-Vecchio, Santa Giulia Bay, known around the world is a real lagoon with clear turquoise waters surrounded by white sand. | The view of the Cerbicales Islands from Santa Giulia and the granitic rocks in the middle of the maquis give a wild aspect to this beach. | The beach attracts thousands of visitors because it is ideal for young children due to very soft sloping!
  • Plage de Pinarello
    With its beautiful sandy bay, covered by pine forests, and its superb views of the Gulf and the island of Pinarello, it is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the region of Porto-Vecchio. In the distance the Genoese tower watches over the creeks of the gulf which will welcome families and children. This is the case of the side of the pine forest where the beach is larger, shaded and where toddlers can easily swim safely.